A little about us,
We are located on Big Star Ranch in western Nevada County among’st the rolling hills near the old Jones bar crossing. Est. in 2009, we began our search to provide our customers with the most unique and inspiring heirloom varieties from across the world. Inspired by the like of Rudolf Steiner, Masanobu Fukuoka, Wendell Berry, Jim Cochran, Ceasar Chavez and the United Farm Workers. We strive to create a business that promotes land stewardship and economic equality through the techniques of low-input, low-till organic practices including bio-dynamics, seasonal crop rotations and companion plantings.

We also strive for income equality providing a quality product at reasonable prices, making constant contributions to local charities and organizations and operating as an employee-owned operations promoting the motto “Serfs Up.”

“Real Conventional”
Is another motto we’d like to support. For far to long the the terminology in farming has been skewed, allowing companies to push the chemical processes of the 20th century off as “Conventional” and “Natural”. It leaves traditional farms to purchase expensive third-party certifications to separate

 themselves as “Organic,” while industrial farms continue to skirt review of their many genetic and chemical processes. We were saddened by the loss of California’s Prop 37 but we will continue to support the push to end deceptive labeling. We hope that one day this form of agriculture will be known as it is, chemical.

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Real Conventional

Lettuce Love Farms is Certified Organic by C.C.O.F. Contact; lettucelovefarms@gmail.com